Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Haiku News - January 13 2009

Hello! Time for a new post. Not having a particularly good day, so I thought a fun writing activity might help. One of my favorite exercises is to try to make haiku news stories based on headlines of the day.

Haiku are fun and easy to do. Because you're limited in how many syllables you can use, it can help you look at words and phrases differently. Got too many syllables to make it fit in the space? Figuring out how to make it work can be a lesson in synonyms and grammar. I've also found that haiku can help you break through the wall when you're trying to find that perfect tag line or catch phrase.

Anyways, enough talk and more haiku.

Pilot falls to earth
Seeming to fake his own death
From what does he run?

Fever, nausea
Sandwich & jam lovers weep:
Peanut Butter Plague

Out with the "new" Bush
In with the new leadership
Washington renewed

I think that's enough for today. I feel much better now! Back to the grind, it seems. If you'd like to read more news-related haiku, one of my favorite sites is the Daily Haiku News. They don't update all the time, though. Daily is an overstatement!

Anyone else like to haiku? If you're feeling creative, leave them in the comments!

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  1. Love the haikus! I have one commenter on my blog who leaves haikus as comments. (And if I was really clever, I would have left you a haiku as a comment.) Will definitely check out the Daily Haiku News.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!