Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Photography - Two Baby Spruce Trees

Photography has been a hobby of mine off and on for more than 10 years. Gardening has not. It is something I've started within the last three years, and so far I seem to be pretty bad at it. But I'm determined to learn how to keep some potted plants alive.

These two tiny baby spruce trees are one of my experiments. I bought two "Grow Your Own" spruce trees at Target for $1 each. I planted one on April 27 and the other on May 3, 2009. This picture was taken on May 15, 2009, and shows two very early stages of what a spruce tree looks like. You can see the April Spruce on the right, which has been growing for one week longer than the May Spruce on the left.

This was the first day the seed husk fell off of the April Spruce. I thought the shape the needles form is visually interesting and I wanted to capture the look before it grows out of this stage.

We'll see how this experiment goes. It's got to be pretty hard to kill a tree, even a baby. I see small trees growing between cracks in cement sometimes! See the full set of Baby Spruce Trees pics.

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  1. And in 5 years, they will look so much alike it will be difficult to tell them apart.

    Sad, isn't it?

  2. The weekend following when these photos were taken, I was gone over Saturday night. When I got back home Sunday afternoon, one of my cats ate the top off the "fully opened" tree. Now I just have the one. :P Bummer

  3. So... now the other one is dead I'm pretty sure, too. It was too hot the other day and it fried into a brown color. I hoped it might just be shocked, but it hasn't turned green again so... Oh well. I got 2 Black Hills Spruce at an event, so I'm cheating a little :)