Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eve Events

May 22 was my last blog entry? Seriously? I hadn't thought it was that long. I've been a busy gal, though, trying to muddle through as best I can, even if I haven't felt particularly inspired lately. That means I've been scrimping by with the bare minimum, and that means no blog posting at True to Words. Now I'm going to re-dedicate myself. To start, I'll introduce a new website for which I wrote copy.

The professionals at Eve Events hired Echo Creative to design and launch their website. I was hired by Echo to write the website copy! Basically, Eve had written what is on the "Home" page and the "About Us" page, and I was to try and emulate the style and sophistication she was trying to convey, describing her approach to corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, etc. What she had written was so well crafted, it instantly conveyed to me what she had to offer the Twin Cities. Actually, she specializes in destination weddings, so I guess you could really say her services are nationwide.

The text there is pretty much what I wrote in my first draft, there was only a few revisions. I attribute that to the effort Eve put into thinking about how she wanted her brand to be perceived before she even approached Echo Creative. The groundwork she laid was critically inspirational to the copy that ended up being printed. My contribution was heavily and directly influenced by the work she put in, and I think that really made a difference.

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