Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Photography - Lonely Windmill

Looking back through my photo posts, I notice that there is a theme. There seem to be a lot of black and white vs. color photography comparisons. Why not continue? I think it's fascinating how just changing from color to black and white can make such a difference when it comes to mood.

I took this pic of a lonely windmill. With the color and the solitude (just the sun, clouds, and a scraggly bush are its companions), the windmill stands tall and almost proud. But ultimately alone. That's okay, though, the clouds will pass and the sun will peak through to cast warmth on its cold metal frame again soon enough.

Now look at this slightly different but similar photo that has been converted to black and white. The clouds and sun are still there. A friendly pine tree and the scraggly bush are there too. But the clouds almost look like a storm is brewing. With the clouds that appear on the bottom, it looks like its standing taller and lonelier. The near exact same scenes look so different with just a conversion to black and white.

To see more black and white photography, please see my Flickr site. Admittedly, there aren't many photos there, but I'm working on that!

Want to see more photos? My Green Side has a Friday photography theme going. Barker & Hedges does too, with this week's contribution a look at the Stone Arch Cinema and its green roof. The theme of wind power, green roofs, and the general greenness of My Green Side is a happy coincidence!

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