Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ian Talty Exhibit to Open at SpotArt in Minneapolis

Trying to get the word out. Feel free to link to this article if you know of artists, photographers, and fans of Ian Talty who may be interested in this knowledge:

Ian Talty Exhibit to Open at SpotArt
10 of the late photographer’s photos to be on display throughout October

MINNEAPOLIS (September, 2009) — SpotArt, a gallery located at 1828 Marshall Street NE in Minneapolis, has confirmed that an exhibit of works by late photographer Ian Talty will be held next month. SpotArt will host the opening reception from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Friday, October 2. The show will be his debut exhibition.

Ian Talty, also known as Joy of the Mundane, was a photographer who found beauty in unexpected places. A resident of Woodbury, he combined his love of photography with urban exploration, often adventuring to metro area locations many people would never think of going. In the process, he captured some of the most amazing images that show a side of the Twin Cities not many get to see.

Though he had no formal training, he drew a large audience online and his work was admired by many. At the beginning of April this year, he caught the attention of SpotArt and was invited to show some of his photographs at the gallery. Jumping at the chance, he immediately began preparing for the event.

Sadly, just a few weeks later on April 26, 2009, tragedy struck. While he was taking photos inside storm sewers in St. Paul, a sudden downpour filled them with rainwater, sweeping him and his friend into the Mississippi River. He did not survive, though his friend did.

His wife, Nicole Talty, has made it her mission to ensure that his work is still displayed. She has been making all of the arrangements needed for the show. “I am honored to be able to organize this for him. His photography completed him and allowed him to express who he truly was,” she said. “He was so excited about having this opportunity, I wanted him to still have it.”

SpotArt, believing in Ian Talty’s work, has been more than accommodating for the unique situation. The artists’ reception is open to the public. The photos will be on display throughout October.

About Ian Talty
Ian Talty, also known as Joy of the Mundane, was a Twin Cities amateur photographer. Though he photographed a variety of topics, his primary subjects were urban decay, abandonment, and street art. His photo collection can be viewed at Joy of the Mundane.

About SpotArt

SpotArt.org's mission is to support local art. They invite local artists to show their work in the gallery and have become a growing force in the art community. They regularly schedule group exhibitions which emphasize color and design, provide promotions and host artists' reception for each show. SpotArt strives to present the diversity of local art by offering emerging artists the opportunity to show alongside established artists in a variety of media. They have also hosted numerous events including poetry readings, private parties, rallies and lectures. The gallery is the working studio of founder and painter spleee, photographer Matt Porath, and artist Carisa Westbury.