Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sam Can Shoot: A New Blog for a New Camera

I have started a new blog!
I just bought a new camera, a Canon Rebel XSi to replace the 9-year-old EasyShare DC3400 Zoom. From now on, I'll have new adventures in semi-professional photography, a far cry from the feats of point and shoot I've been relegated to. Through this blog, you can have some adventures, too.
Who am I? I'm Sara Duane, Twin Cities professional freelance writer. I'd like to make that writer/photographer. Since this blog will be more laid back than my True to Words blog, I'm using a more casual name - Sam - which has been my nickname for half of my life now.

"Sam" also fits better with my choice of blog name, "Sam Can Shoot" - a spoof of the Chinese cooking show "Yan Can Cook." What was the show's catchphrase? "If Yan can cook, so can you." So it stands to reason that if Sam can shoot, so can you. :)

Why am I doing this? I like photography, blogging, learning and sharing.
Though I've had some photography training and taken a few classes, I'm rusty. And digital SLR cameras are an entirely different animal. I'll be sharing what I learn here in this blog to maybe help out other photographers who are just starting out or are trying to advance their skills (like me!). Plus, its FUN!

So now I've finished uploading the last pictures taken with my old camera to Flickr. Starting from this point on, all the photos I will upload there and display here will be taken with the new camera. This is going to be fun and I hope to meet a few other people who like photography, blogging, and sharing, too!

Yes, I copied the blog's first post outright because I'm not certain I can improve on it :) I'll still have Friday Photography here, but it'll probably be changing just a little bit. Pictures still do speak 1,000 words.

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