Monday, October 5, 2009

Haiku News - October 5 2009

Wisconsin Tourism
Federation at last swaps
out its acronym.

The buried treasure
sought in Springfield is likely
a practical joke.

Oz du Soleil gives
the bras that he collects to
those who are in need.

But if they would have
pulled it off, the theft would have
been legendary.

I wish that I could
have been the one to come up
with deer "mule-tide" cheer.

To goad kids to eat
fruits and veggies, tell them the
government sees all.

She screamed out bloody
murder, threw a pillow and
won the bear battle.

The "foremost psychic
in New England" knew their names,
but not how you think.

Kids these days. Really,
what about fork branding sounds
like it would be "cool"?

The Pike's Peak Llama
is going home, no longer
evading capture.

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