Monday, October 12, 2009

Haiku News - October 12 2009

Exactly what did
you think would happen when you
put your hand in there?

Two white donkeys dyed
with black stripes delight kids at
the Marah Land zoo.

It is not often
one will see a headline that
reads: Tree hits school bus.

Of course the driving
lesson ceased when he parked the
van in the bedroom.

At least someone out
there is trying to reduce
frivolous lawsuits.

Afraid of clowns? How
about dead deer dressed up like
clowns? Yeah, that's creepy.

In the battle of
the Great Horned Owl and the truck,
the owl was the champ.

Two pilots and flight
attendants brawled it out at
thirty-thousand feet.

Britain's new healthy
food sage is that beer-quaffing
clown, Homer Simpson...

...And his blue-haired wife,
Marge Simpson, is on the front
cover of Playboy.

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