Saturday, November 7, 2009

Summer Storms ~ Season Sonnet #3

Time, like the changing season, marches on -
tulips wilt, obliging the budding rose.
With haste, Summer arrives and Spring is gone,
yielding fire, rain and hail in juxtapose.
Warm and wet, the South Wind made her way North,
Cold and dry, the North Wind made his way South.
Yet when the two meet, tornadoes burst forth,
hot and cold words twisting tongues, throat and mouth.
But it is said a little rain must fall
to nourish perennial Love, and blooms.
Sweet calm after the storms made her his thrall,
two souls entwined 'til they part for their tombs.
But who can tell when love will meet its death?
And can love extinguished regain its breath?

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