Monday, December 21, 2009

Haiku News - December 21 2009

If you brought a gun
to a snowball fight, you might
be a DC cop.

People who live in
glass houses... really should not
walk around naked.

Proof that what happens
in Vegas may just become
national headlines.

More than fifty souls
in Ohio possess grilled
cheese sandwich tattoos.

Soy pasta, soy hot
dogs, soy gravy, soy, soy, soy!
Time to sue, sue, sue!

Put the octopus
in the coconut and drink
it all - woah, wait. What?!

Late ninety-nine years,
seven months and twelve days, the
book has been returned.

After half as long,
the vinyl record, too, was
library destined.

Zombies protested
when the hospital closed to
prove their deadly point.

What's not the walking
undead but still hungers for
brains? The NFL.

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