Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Under Your Skin

Disbelieve, disagree or deny,
the truth will reveal itself in time:
I am thoroughly under your skin...

...Like the moisture of hot, salty sweat,
simmering just below the surface,
before seeping through flimsy armor...

...Like fingernails sharp as razor blades
carving into flesh at the climax
of a torrid, lust-filled encounter...

...Like vital blood coursing through your veins,
bearing my poison so deep inside
it gushes forth from forgotten scars...

...Like the skeleton that supports you,
your shortcomings, failures, and mistakes,
deformed and crippled from your burdens...

...Like a rapidly spreading cancer,
proliferating without symptom,
consuming you from the inside out.

Beneath that calm, cool exterior
you feel as though you have lost your mind
since I crawled inside your crowded head...

...Like the scent of lilacs on the wind,
skirting the edge of your consciousness,
then abruptly breaching your thoughts...

...Like an enigmatic, arcane song,
invading your ear and memory,
compelling you to listen again...

...Like an ice pick to the eye socket,
unblinking and without subtlety,
piercing you with my dark perspective...

...Like the oxygen you insufflate,
mouth gasping for more and hoping it
is enough to sustain you through life...

...Like the breath with which you curse my name,
the words that you will eat piling up
before you like a seven course meal.

Your thirst for me unquenched, you spit froth
on the deep grave you dug for my bones,
even as you long to dig them up.


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  2. Please add a "Scary" button

  3. ROFL! Uh... Hmm... Tempted, if just to see how many of my posts would end up getting tagged Scary :) It's all the zombie apocalypse movies.