Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Website: Twin Cities Spark

One of my clients has recently built a new website. Twin Cities Spark exists for only one reason: to Spotlight local Bloggers who have mastered their trade.

We have dabbled in the Trade and are constantly awed by the literary prowess of many local Bloggers. We can only aspire to attract the following and participation of these Masters! So we embark on this journey to Award those who deserve a larger microphone.

If you are reading this, you are probably a proficient, or at least aspiring, blogger. Do you know someone whose Blog is especially unique or just simply special? We would love your nominations and will consider every submission. Those that are “Spotlighted” on Twin Cities Spark will be eligible for an award…voted on by our audience.

I'm not even sure that I need to say much more, this pretty much says it all. Naturally, I'd love to be a featured blogger, but because of my close affiliation it wouldn't be fair. Maybe sometime, but right now we're looking for talented bloggers with strong followings to highlight as the Twin Cities' best (like this weeks's featured blogger, Rob at North Metro Photo Blog).

Take a look at the Twin Cities Spark page, explore the criteria for nominating a blog / blogger, and then please submit a form to tell us who you think stands out in the local blogosphere!

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