Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiku News - February 1, 2010

Three groundhogs and a
marmot are set to predict
the length of winter.

Cleopatra's eye
make-up offered protection
against diseases.

Lake Calhoun Pilots
have started a trend, as planes
touch down everywhere.

In Minnesota,
the chicken playing chicken
would be dead by now.

Great. Now some asshat
will equate green practices
with terrorism.

Twenty "incidents"
at nuclear plants
in just a few years.

Baltic is likely
the luckiest dog on the
planet at this time.

I believe its a
Louisianans right to
use the term “Who Dat.”

Whatever you do,
do not eat the Hawaiian
Butterfish, ever.

Seriously, they
are on a bike, you - a car.
Just drive away, jerk.

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