Monday, February 22, 2010

Haiku News - February 22, 2010

No matter what you
say, I'll never understand
the State of Utah.

Wizard colleges,
wizard trains, wizardly games:
Stolen! Plagerized!

Iran and Iraq
laugh all the way to the bank,
while China just laughs...

...Green, clean energy
is the key to our future,
not fossil fuels.

Not exactly a
3 hour tour, but at least he
got off the island.

Vaccines set aside,
a flood of possible new
autism causes...

...With new possible
causes to explore come new
possible treatments.

Though his famous name
was Robin Hood, his motives
were much less noble.

Pizza stolen, they
left a trail of wings and sauce,
begging to be caught.

Joe the Plumber is
no longer a big fan of
Palin or McCain.

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