Monday, February 8, 2010

Haiku News - February 8, 2010

Men at Work should have
known better than to steal from
a little kid song.

Go for the squeeze play
or try out the new slam dunk?
Tactical eating.

When it comes to 1
in a trillion chances, think
lottery tickets.

Washington cities
will soon make their bikini
baristas wear clothes.

Last month it was the
altruistic apes, now it's
football playing deer.

Oscar the feline
curled up at the bedside of
fifty people passed.

"Got my bicycle,
got my butcher knife attached
to a pool cue. Yeah."

Try to be "funny"
in a ski mask at your mom's
and see how it ends.

are always carried out by
the book." Say what now?

Fitting that they lived
and died in a parish by
the name of Union.

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