Monday, March 8, 2010

Haiku News - March 8, 2010

A filmmaker is
offering a prize to watch
his film to the end.

Scientists figure
people are born with a fear
of spiders and snakes.

There is a dark side
to chocolate, and its not
high cocoa-content.

Traffic light cameras
and short yellow lights bring cash
and deadly crashes.

In Romania,
the warning about drunks and
drivers is - special.

She tried to feed the
bear her hand - of course there was
alcohol involved.

Barney Fife locked the
new jail cell door behind him,
then shot his way out.

Seismologists say
the string of quakes is likely
"a coincidence."

Sarah Palin crossed
the Canadian border
to receive health care.

Karl Rove got into
a political fist fight
with a girl - and lost.

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