Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Photography - Life & Death at the Park

I recently took a walk along my favorite trail through the woods at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve. I've been avoiding it, because for some reason this forest "reserve" is under construction: They're burying a natural gas pipeline that cuts through the park.

Dead Trees

It breaks my heart to the scarred landscape and the piles of dead trees.

Dead Tree

Especially large, old trees like this one. Look at how many rings it had! It's said that the plans avoided a major owl habitat. I wonder why putting it through the park was even an option.

Like a Pussy Willow

I did spot signs of new life in the forest, though. That's one thing about nature: It doesn't know it's being destroyed, it just does it's best to grow, thrive, and reproduce. I'm not quite sure what type of tree this is though. These little gray buds are just beginning to grow.

Fuzzy Tendrils

The rest of the fuzzy buds on the tree looked like this. I've never seen them before! They're very interesting looking, especially since there were no leaves on the tree, just these fuzzy dreadlock-looking things. And this was the only tree I saw like this on my walk through the woods. Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

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