Monday, April 5, 2010

Haiku News - April 5, 2010

A spiritual
mission to ask their fish to
return to Cali.

Australia’s Great
Barrier Reef is at risk
from China's coal ship.

The burning of socks
is a spring-time ritual
I can get behind.

Skyaking: Just One
more cracked "sport" in which I will
not participate.

They thought she was nuts,
she thought she was possessed: It
seems neither were right.

Big corporations
don't care about your safety,
just their bottom line.

More prison inmates
should be forced to work for their
entertainment hours.

The Mexican Wolf
who went on the lam needs a
new pack to roam with.

The Internet is
blamed for accelerating
species extinction.

Captive tigers may
save their species - if we can
save them from China.

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