Monday, May 3, 2010

Haiku News - May 3, 2010

Creatures great and small
in the news make for furry
and feathered Haiku.

A seventeen-mile
journey was all it took for
Boots to make the news.

This Canada goose
somehow knew just where to land
to find healing hands.

Owls are portrayed as
wise, but Troy doesn't seem to
know he is an owl.

A brave tabby named
Zoe has adopted three
little lynx kittens.

Nibbles and Bits didn't
break the law, but they'll landscape
in prison for life.

Two hungry pigs sniffed
out World War II anti-tank
weapons, not truffles.

Einstein, the wee foal,
may break a Guinness Record
for being so small...

...while Big Jake did break
another Guinness Record
for being so tall!

To be fair, Cletus
probably made a lot of
hamburgers and steaks.

The barnyard tale is
complete with the surfing sheep
that loves to hang two.

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