Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Haiku News - June 29, 2010

Every day there are
more and more reasons to buy
organic, local.

Helicopter moms
and dads produce neurotic
kids. Are you surprised?

Not only can one
learn from mistakes, sometimes one
can cash in on them.

There is a 1 in
3,000 chance that cats like
this ever exist...

...But there is a 1
in 28 million chance
this happens again.

If there was ever
a time for a little luck,
this was the moment.

How is art defined:
By what the artist sees or
what the viewer does?

A rural village
in New Zealand is for sale,
relatively cheap!

Goldilocks ate their
food, tried on their clothes, and took
a nap in their bed.

The first time he made
such a typo, the error
was too big to hide.

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