Monday, October 11, 2010

Haiku News - October 11, 2010

Hey, America:
Freedom lies in beating our
fossil-fuel habit.

The best usage of
movie titles in a news
headline I've seen yet.

It has been more than
seven years, but this case still
scares, fascinates me.

Parable, fable,
somewhere in this story is
an analogy.

People without a
bank account nickel-and-
dimed into the grands.

Prudently placed Vote
Twenty-Ten sign spares eyes from
naked book-thrower.

Skeletons from the
closet maybe sometimes are
sold at garage sales.

The Minnesota Twins'
"Break a Bat, Plant a Tree" will
create a forest.

Nathaniel David
was born at 10:10 PM
on 10/10/10. 10.

Pessimistic dogs?
Sounds more like a band name than
part of a headline.

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