Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haiku News - October 19, 2010

Rock band prepared to
face the music; realized
they are not U2.

Lucky dog, Mia,
has a new leash on life now
that she has faced death.

If the animal
has no hope of escaping,
you're not a hunter.

When his oil was changed,
the FBI's GPS
device was revealed.

"Could you please keep the
noise down? My food doesn't taste
as good as it should."

Fiji has lost its
"birth certificate" claiming
its independence.

An unexpected
package came in the mail from
the laptop bandit.

Stephen Colbert told
Congress that farm labor is
"really, really hard."

The relationship
between squirrels and dogs is
a confounding dance.

A grandmother and
a grandmother's ring both lost,
then found once again.

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