Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haiku News - October 27, 2010


When Tweak did it, it
was nothing. When Tom did it,
he made the paper.

A rare event, when
the phrase "safe in the doghouse"
is arranged in print.

Effects of the world's
most complex art swindle still
ripples through the trade.

Microsoft trails its
competition in games, phones,
PCs... everything.

Posh or flawed, aloof
or aggressive, all canines
are welcome at Stay.

A large asteroid
is on a collision-course
with Earth - don't panic!

When dolphin species
meet, they may be attempting
to communicate.

Rare Honus Wagner
baseball card is imperfect,
but still of value.

mailer strikes at sense of smell,
slams sense of good taste.

Meditation can
boost focus, empathy, and
bliss... permanently.

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