Monday, November 8, 2010

Haiku News - November 8, 2010

Pizza: A deep dish
style community service
I can get behind.

Like a cartoon, the
baby bounced off the awning,
into daddy's arms.

Answer honestly:
Could you solve this empty Wheel
of Fortune puzzle?

Career advice for
the college-bound? Three words: Large
animal doctor.

Lost to gambling debts,
nothing is left of Henry's
famed Nonsuch Palace.

Freedom of the road?
No thank you, I'd rather pay
fares and buy gadgets.

I really wonder
about the types of news us
geeks cover sometimes.

Economic rifts
annihilate our sense of
national union.

Apprentice psychic
octopus, Paul II, hasn't
used his powers yet.

Finally, what I've
wanted for ages: Bacon,
in drinkable form!

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