Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Haiku News - April 12, 2011

Stolen credit card
canceled, then came the flowers:
"Thanx for ur money!"

Protecting "their" nest,
a goose and a deer have formed
an unlikely pair.

"Hey you! Subscribe to
Dish Network and we'll throw in
a shotgun for free."

At every level,
this sounds like a story that
The Onion might print.

He crossed the ocean
with a little help from his
friends - and a sweet raft.


Langology news
in haiku form to amuse
and entertain you.


  1. Hey this page is really great Nice work. I have a blog of daily news stories as haiku (http://tuskerhainews.blogspot.com/). I sort of think writing everything in haiku is as complicated as the world needs to be :) Kudos for this.

  2. Thanks :) It is a project inspired by a dear friend that I hope to continue far into the future! :) And nice blog :)