Sunday, April 24, 2011

Iron Age Hilltop Communication, Recreated

[My first "blog blurb," because I don't think I'll ever get to blogging more regularly until I master this type of short, concise post]

Forget cell phones, telephones or e-mail. A unique experiment has literally shed light on how Iron Age people communicated across vast distances from hilltop to hilltop about 2,500 years ago.
"It was a success," said archaeologist Erin Robinson. "It captured the public's imagination and we made extra links we did not think were possible."

"Most of the hill forts across the surrounding landscape can be seen from each other," explained Ms Robinson from Denbighshire's Heather and Hillforts project.

"The experiment was aiming to see if the glowing fires could have been seen across the hills and acted as a communication or warning system."

"It was fantastic," she said. "We saw all the way to a hilltop in Cheshire, which we weren't sure we'd be able to do."

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