Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad Poetry Day 2011

There is a holiday to celebrate everything! Today, and every other August 18, just so happens to be Bad Poetry Day.

According to, the creators of this particular holiday, the proper way to celebrate the day is to gather a group of old high school friends, write some bad poetry and then send it to an old high school teacher. But who really celebrates Bad Poetry Day like that? Cracked says we don't have to celebrate it that way, and I deem them a credible source in this regard.

I think just about everyone has written a bad poem or two in their lifetime, whether of their own accord or under educationally administered duress. I may or may not admit that in one point in my life during high school, I may or may not have filled one or more notebooks with some of my own bad poetry. I perhaps lost one that has never been found, one could possibly have been stolen and I just might have actually given one away during my hopelessly romantic phase. All of that is rumor and speculation of course. I admit nothing.

I thought that I might at least try to write some bad poetry. I'm pretty sure some people would think the haiku and little bit of other poetry I've written here has bordered on bad. In fact, upon reflection, I have complete faith that I could write some bad poems here.

I realize this post is late in coming
(and tardiness is most unbecoming)
but to busy-ness I've been succumbing
- nah, I was really watching the Twins game.

Ha! Okay, so here is another one:

There once was a Sam from Minnesota
Who had hit her daily coffee quota.
Having much work yet to do
another pot she did brew
And she didn't sleep that night, one iota.

Still with me? I'm almost done. But it wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't some sort of haiku:

Haiku Poetry:
Five syllables, then seven
then five more. That's all.

So there. If any of my old high school English teachers or college proffessors are reading this (I highly doubt it, but if you are give a shout-out in the comments), see what I've done with my creative writing and poetry classes? To the random person (people?) who may or may not have stolen (found) really angst-ridden, moody, typical-teenage-geek type poetry I may or may not have penned, I may or may not really want those books back!

Did you participate in Bad Poetry Day? Want to, even if it is no longer Bad Poetry Day? Leave your bad poem in the comments!

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