Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Start, Stop, Start... Again!

Starting and stopping and starting again!
Hey, remember me?

There have been many periods of stops and starts throughout the duration of True to Words existence. It is busy work being a freelance writer, especially while enduring an economic downturn, during which many businesses (including some of my clients) reduced their budgets, took the work in-house or closed up shop altogether.

As the economy got better, I started looking for a permanent position that had certain qualifications, namely that it be Creative, Compensated fairly and have a reasonable Commute. It took a while, but it finally happened! Instead of working several jobs that added up to 50-60 hour workweeks, I now have one job working a normal 40ish hour week that fulfills those three requirements - and then some!

I am the new Content Marketing Manager at TopRank Online Marketing! All day I help concept content ideas, edit copy and coach other writers to create textual works of art for incredible clients. I even got to write a post for the company blog. The whole experience has been mentally invigorating.

And though I spend all day elbow-deep in all sorts of online copy, my new job is why I'm blogging again!

Now that I'm not working insane amounts of hours, I'm resuming the True to Words and Sam Can Shoot blogs. And I've re-started writing for the Minneapolis Pet News Examiner, too. And I'll be uploading to my Flickr again. And, and, and... Oh, the happiness!

If you can't tell, I'm super excited to have my creative outlets back. And free time, exercise and sleep, not necessarily in that order.

It might take a little more time to get Sam Can Shoot started, but tonight I shall sleep happy knowing that with this post I have officially restarted this blog. But tomorrow, there will once again be Language Edition of Haiku News!



  1. This is wonderful Sara! Sounds like a great role for you!

  2. Thanks! It has been great so far! :)