Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Blog Posts at TopRank

Dusting off the True to Words blog and getting it restarted... again. I've been having a hard time trying to figure out what to write, so thought maybe I could aggregate some links to TopRank Blog guest posts I wrote over the summer and fall. Baby steps, right? Besides, it seems appropriate, considering these posts absorbed the creative writing energy that otherwise would have been applied here at TTW and Sam Can Shoot.

Read the summaries and click to learn more about each topic.

5 B2C Pinteresting Marketing Lessons From Top Online Retailers
With over 100 million monthly visitors, Pinterest is now the 3rd largest social network after Facebook and Twitter, and drives more traffic than Yahoo search. For retailers marketing to consumers online, it’s an essential social marketing and engagement channel - and here are five top Pinteresters from which to learn.

6 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from 2012 “Back to School” Marketing Campaigns
In the buildup to kids, teens and young adults reentering the classroom, retailers were drawing in customers and adding up cash from back-to-school sales. Ready go to to social media school? Here are six back-to-school social media campaigns that made the grade this year.

5 Types of B2B Content Marketing Blunders That Offer Teachable Moments 
Though nobody likes to make mistakes, the beauty of an error is that you can learn from the experience. It’s even better if you can learn from someone else’s blunder. The B2B content marketing stories in this post are true and the mistakes are all too common - but they can be remedied!

Writing these posts was fun and gave me the opportunity to do some in-depth research on topics that I really enjoy: Creating content and using social media. This isn't the only writing work I've done writing lately. Check back soon for an update on articles recently written for the Minneapolis Pet News Examiner.


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