Sunday, March 31, 2013

Article Roundup: Minneapolis Pet News Examiner

Couldn't let March squeak by without a blog post after I had been doing so well! I forgive myself, as I have been searching for a new job. But now that I have steady work, it's time to get back into a schedule, from Sam Can Shoot to True to Words to the Minneapolis Pet News Examiner.

Speaking of, I've written a new article for Minneapolis Pet News Examiner every month. Here are the most recent articles. Unless I start writing more than one per month, I think I'll do these little roundup posts quarterly. End of the first quarter!

Molting birds need extra care and love. My house is full of life in the form of fur, fins and feathers - the latter of which I've been finding an inordinate number lately. My parrot, Harry, has been molting pretty hard since January and the poor guy is so uncomfortable. Makes me feel just a twinge of guilt for using his pain as fodder for an article.

Hedgehogs linked to outbreak of rare salmonella infections. Hedgehogs are pets that I haven't had before. Though I'm not sure of their appeal beyond their adorable cuteness (you can't really pet them, can you?), to each their own: Everyone likes pets for their own reasons. But these little guys have actually been tied to a rare strait of salmonella infection cases, several of which occurred in Minnesota.

Minnesota dog, cat ownership has declined. The rate of pet ownership in Minnesota ranks among the lowest in the nation, according to survey data released from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Could the recession be to blame?

Keep pets safe on New Year's Eve with these tips. Though this article was written with New Year's Eve in mind, these tips could apply to any gathering of people that may be occurring in a household with pets. I'd say that the very first tip is one of the most important.

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