Monday, July 11, 2016

Mourning the Death of has come to the end of it's road, though the links don't appear to have died yet by July 10th as indicated by several sources.

I've been writing for as the Minneapolis Pet News Examiner since January 2011. Though I haven't been as active in recent years as I'd like to be, it was always there as a writing outlet for me and on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Since I found out it will be shutting down, every time I've thought about Examiner or had an idea for an article, my heart has broken a little bit more to think it won't be there anymore.

Beyond the writing, it was a great place to read stories about what was going on, that might not get covered by traditional news stories.  For my pet niche in particular, it was a great resource for helping pets in high-kill shelters make it out alive and for drawing attention to animal abuse cases that might otherwise have been neglected. It really makes me wonder how will ever be replaced in the rescue world.

I'm holding out a tiny sliver of hope that maybe could be purchased by some other entity more interested in keeping it alive. But now it's July 11th and there have been no updates, so I'm fairly certain it's not going to happen. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I've downloaded all of my content and will be republishing it elsewhere when I have a little bit of time. For now, I'm hoping the links to my previous articles don't turn into 404 errors until I've had the chance to make the switch.

Additionally, my Minneapolis Pet News Examiner Facebook Page will always be around - there will always be pet news to share in my neck of the woods, even if I'm not the one writing the article. 

Goodbye, It's been a fun ride!

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