Sunday, March 29, 2009

National Night Out Across the USA

National Night Out across the USA was the second article I wrote for the Wright County Drummer. This one wasn't quite as much fun to write because I was writing it as an informational piece before the event. I briefly attended NNO events nearby, but had a lot of work to do at the time, so I couldn't linger. Not too long after National Night Out happened, Minnesota decided that it wouldn't do it anymore and instead would to Night to Unite. Anyways, hers is the first paragraph of the article:
On August 5th, thousands of families across the country will gather together in their respective communities to participate in this year's National Night Out. This national-but-local event provides an opportunity for people to meet and mingle with their neighbors, laying the groundwork for a more close-knit community. It’s also a night during which residents can foster a relationship with the badge-wearing members of society that keep their neighborhoods safe. Wright County will be no different, as thousands of residents in local cities and communities will be holding their own National Night Out festivities.

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