Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Photography - Minneapolis in Perspective

Last week, I started a new post theme for Fridays. It's photography, if you haven't figured that out. :) Photographs are just a different form of language, really. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I'm showcasing a set of photos that, like last week, were captured in Minneapolis on Wednesday, April 8, 2009. They were taken at Mill Ruins Park, Philip W. Pillsbury Park, Father Hennepin Bluffs Park, and the historic Stone Arch Bridge between them. The two pictures I'm highlighting here are perspective shots of the Minneapolis skyline. They were taken from the bridge.

Isn't Minneapolis beautiful when it isn't covered in a layer of ice? Yeah, you're right, I guess it's beautiful then, too, but I'm ready for it to be summer. You can see the rest of the pictures taken of Mill Ruins Park and Pillsbury Park, including a set of alphabet blocks with which only giants could play.

The photography theme runs thick on Fridays. You can see Pillsbury Park and the historic Pillsbury "A" Mill over at Barker & Hedges. Additionally, My Green Side has a Friday photography theme, too.


  1. Lovely photographs.

    Mpls. has changed a lot in the over 30 years since I lived there.

  2. Beautiful shots, Sara you prefer Sara or Sara Duane? Is that an asinine question? Please be specific in your answer. :-)

    You're so right about Minneapolis and its beauty. I tell friends back in NYC that Minneapolis is one of this country's best kept secrets. In all cases, they were, typically cynical.........until they visited.

    They fell in love with our great city the way I did.

    Have a photo-friendly weekend...ok, that was lame.


  3. By the way, can I just add there shouldn't have been commas in the sentence "In all cases they were typically cynical.....until they visited."

    I believe someone took over my keyboard for a few seconds because surely I didn't type those commas.

  4. LOVE the photos! And was surprised and honored to see a link to my blog! Thank you! :)


    PS That CGabriel is sure a hoot!

  5. These are beautiful photos of the Minneapolis area. I would love to go there someday unfortunately I don't make it to far away from the drug rehab that I work at.