Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Photography - Moon Halos

I was doing so good. I was on a roll. I had 15 whole blog posts in April and had been building up steam. Now I've just been distracted for almost two weeks. My concentration is low and my "staring off into space" is at an all-time high. As long as my melancholy is still prominent and until I can get my concentration under control (and maybe after my inspiration for new ideas has returned), my True to Words blog posts may be a little weak. They'll also be on the backburner as I make sure I satisfy my clients' needs first. But as long as I'm posting, then the creative fires are still burning and I will be back at 100% eventually.

On March 11, 2009, I was awake at the obscene hour of four o'clock in the morning. Normally this is something I would grumble about, but it gave me the opportunity to capture a rare site in picture-form: A moon halo. Now granted, these aren't the best pictures of a moon halo. Look closely at the edges of the picture and you will see a faint light that was reflecting through ice crystals. That's how moon halos form. It was COLD.

My camera isn't all that great, so I don't have the right settings to take really stellar night-time photographs. But I was so excited to have the opportunity to get these pictures and so proud that I had my camera handy to snap a photo, it makes up for all of my perceived shortcomings.

Also in my inexperience, I uploaded the moon halo photos to Blogspot and they looked terrible. That's why I'm reposting them this week. I wanted the chance to show them again and have them look decent, uploaded to my Flickr account instead of uploaded directly to Blogger.

See the rest of the moon halo pictures.

Yes, this post is still partly in memoriam to my friend Ian. Not only did he inspire me to pick up the camera again, he taught me about Flickr. I owe the existance of my Friday Photography installments to him.

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