Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Photography - Urban Decay

Inspired by my friend Ian Talty and his crazy ability to capture the most beautiful photographs of things and scenes others might have overlooked as junk, I took some pictures of a bridge in Minneapolis that was not only eroding away, but growing stalactites on its concrete. I was excited to show them to him and get his feedback, but I put it off and now that's not going to happen. I wish that I would have shared them with him. So now I've posted them to my Flickr account and I'm highlighting them for today, the day of his memorial service.

Rain, time, sand and salt have worn down the concrete on this bridge and given it a stream of white mineral deposits. I'm sure Ian would interject here with an inappropriate comment about my description, but that's what it is! I'll leave it up to your imagination on what he might say.

This photo was actually an emulation of a style of photography Ian employed. My favorite was The Corrosion Islands. My picture doesn't quite have the vibrant color, but I still like the texture.

There's my attempt. See the rest of the Urban Decay set at Flickr here and see Ian's Flickrstreat, The Joy of the Mundane. Now I'm going to be with my friends.


  1. You work is, as always, compelling. What I like to do when I see your Friday Photography is view the images before reading any commentary. I like being surprised if it's a shot that doesn't initially leap out screaming what it is.

    That was the case with these.

    The first one - it really has a GoogleEarth quality to it. For the briefest of moments, I thought I was looking at a region in Asia where mountains run up against flat terrain. I love a shot that initially reads as one thing but is actually something quite different.

    Finally, my sincere condolences to you for your friend, Ian. I can say nothing more profound or meaningful than...I understand. I've been there. For me, it was a dear friend of mine 20 years ago.

    My heart goes out to you.

  2. Thank you for the compliment on the photos, it does mean a lot to me for you to have specifically said what you did. And thanks for the condolences, they are appreciated during these dark times.