Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Photography - Glowing Blue Orb

Keeping my attempts to restart this blog rolling, here is the next installment of Friday Photography. This is a picture I took over Memorial Day weekend. This is a rubber bouncy ball filled with water and blue glitter. I shook it up and took a picture of it in the sun. This photo hasn't been touched up, believe it or not. Doesn't look like rubber, does it?

Really, I'm not linking to the rest of this photo set, because its a bunch of people you don't know grilling and having a good time without you. If you really, really want to look, my Flickr page is easy to find :)

The Barker & Hedges Blog is not being updated at the moment, the whole site has been redone and I don't yet have access to everything. Take a look at the new Barker & Hedges! Especially if you're looking for a house in the Twin Cities area. Also, as always, My Green Side has photo Fridays, too!

1 comment:

  1. this blue circle is not orb, i know it deceives everyone!