Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Photography - Above the Clouds

I downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera today. I was disappointed, because only a few turned out. I just need to get a new camera. This is one of the pics that made it and I'm glad! I really like it!

Does anyone remember this level of Super Mario Brothers? :) It's a sunflower I've been growing in a container garden and it finally bloomed. I wasn't sure that it would because of their root system, but I had the seeds and a potted garden is all I can have where I live. Now to see if I get sunflower seeds!

I love using a perfect blue sky with powder-puff clouds like this as a backdrop for pictures. And the bright yellow of the flower gives the illusion of being the sun. The color photo from the Lonely Windmill has a similar bright and cheery look and feel.

Want to see more photos?

Barker & Hedges has a Photo Friday theme! This week's contribution is a look at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

My Green Side has a Friday photography theme, too. This week is entitled appropriately enough as "The Move," for the blog has made a move recently. It looks like author Wendy has moved as well, all the way to Fargo! Congrats!


  1. What a lovely photo! We had some beautiful container flowers that didn't make the move to Fargo, apparently traveling in a car for 4 hours and then being put into a new environment didn't suit them. Thank you so much for the kind mention!

    My Green Side

  2. Thanks :) And sorry to hear about the flowers :( Yeah, they can be kind of touchy. No problem re: the mention. I can't believe I didn't see this comment sooner. LOL - BUSY SUMMER!