Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Photography - Driftwood Sculpture

I took a bunch of photos of the sunset while visiting Lake Harriet in April. Funny that one of my favorite pictures from the day was one I wanted specifically to turn black & white, a far cry from the orange and yellow sky meeting the blue water and green trees.

See what I mean? It almost looks like it was made with a computer program instead of being an actual photo. I love the texture of the lake, and how it changes color. Tthe white weeds at the bottom left contrasting against dark water, and black tree branches in the upper right stand out from almost white water. But the color photo looks pretty cool, too!

Doesn't quite look like the same scene when you zoom out and add the color! I love playing with the camera, but the fun just keeps going when it comes to cropping and editing. I think I'll have to start playing with more color manipulation in Photoshop to see what kind of fun stuff I can learn.

Visit my Flickr page to see more pictures of Lake Harriet at Sunset. Want to see more photos? My Green Side has a Friday photography theme going. Barker & Hedges does too, with this week's contribution a pictorial tour of the Walker Art Center Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

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