Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Regional Park, One Portion at a Time

I had the opportunity to write another feature article for the Wright County Drummer! I was particularly excited about this one, because I got to cover something very important to me: a local park. A new regional park, even. So new, it doesn't totally exist yet. I'm talking about the proposed Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park that is being developed outside of Monticello, Minnesota.

Wright County of Minnesota and the City of Monticello are in the process of purchasing 1,200 acres of land from the Monticello YMCA. In 2008, the two entities were able to purchase 319 acres. With some of the park in place for the first time since it was first discussed in 2005, it was time to throw a party to build some enthusiasm for it. The result was the Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park Family Fun Day, held on June 13th, 2009.

Here you can read about the proposed Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park, the Family Fun Day event, and what's happened so far in the story of bringing this recreational goldmine to public use. If you want to see some interesting photos that didn't make the final cut, including a questionable Boy Scout rope tying demonstration, check out the Bertram chain of Lakes photo set on my Flickr page.

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