Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Photography - 2009 Minnesota Garlic Festival

Last week was the Wright County Fair. This week, its the 2009 Minnesota Garlic Festival. Summer outdoor events are awesome and in Minnesota, there seems to be one every weekend!

I've written about the Minnesota Garlic Festival before so I won't say a lot about it, but I will point out what was different. Instead of being held at the Wright County Fairgrounds, it was held at the McLeod County Fairgrounds. Mainly because the county fair had a late start this year and was still on the grounds on the third weekend of August, the pre-determined time for the festival. It seemed bigger this year and there was a wider variety of items to buy. There were several honeybee and honey displays, reflecting the fact that back-yard beekeeping in Minnesota is on the rise. There was a tasting of local wines. And I was able to pick up a few more jars of the tasty jam I bought there last year.

I guess even though it rained, the turnout before the waterworks was very good. That makes me glad, because I like this event and hope it continues to grow. I'll certainly be going again next year. See more photos of the 2009 Minnesota Garlic Festival.

Can't get enough photo Friday? My Green Side likes to explore the Great Outdoors with a photography themed post on Fridays as well! Also, Barker & Hedges has Friday Photos. This week it is a look at one of my favorite places, the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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