Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Photography - Sail Away

This picture is too perfect for this week's Friday photograph. This may be a picture of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, but it could be any one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. Perfect, because I'm going "Up North" this weekend to Cross Lake, where I will swim, boat, and relax while I watch the sun set over the water with 10 of my closest friends. And there will be no life guard on duty.

Now you know exactly why I picked this picture for today. I didn't even include the black and white one like I usually do because, well, its not nearly as colorful and fun. But of course, you can check it out if you're feeling like a Lonely Beach.

Want to see more photos? My Green Side has a Friday photography theme as well! Barker & Hedges does Friday Photos, too. This week it is a look and some history about the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota.


  1. Great place to go to beat the heat ;-)

  2. LOL - Today would probably be a good day to go there. This weekend was mostly a wash with all the rain and cloudiness!