Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Photography - Beyond the Clouds

I've given up taking pictures with my crappy, ancient camera. Something is desperately wrong with it and most of the photos don't turn out. Disappointing and frustrating.

My solution to tide me over until I can fork over the money for the camera I want has been to further explore photo editing for dramatic or artistic effect. Up until this point, most of my changes have been in the form of black and white conversion and minor exposure fixes. This time I did much, much more. In particular, to my Above the Clouds picture:

Electric Color
Reverse Color

Sky In - Sky Out

I played around with a few more ideas, but I liked these the best. You can see the rest here.

Can't get enough photo Friday? My Green Side likes to explore the Great Outdoors with a photography themed post on Fridays as well! Also, Barker & Hedges has Friday Photos. This week it is a look at the FlatPak House at the Walk / Minneapolis Art Sculpture Garden and FlatPak eco-friendly custom homes.

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