Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Photography - Semi-Bountiful Harvest

When I whined last week about my green tomatoes not turning red, I honestly didn't expect them to ripen before the first frost comes. Even after all of my salvage attempts. Now it's a week later, and more than half of them have changed color!

Notice the very distinct lack of leaves compared to last week's post. I snipped two tomatoes off earlier this week and put them in a paper bag, along with a green bell pepper that had yet to turn orange, hoping those still on the plant would ripen better. That really seemed to trigger the rest to change.

I harvested everything but three green tomatoes today, then I took this Semi-Bountiful Harvest photo. Next year, I hope to have more. But even if those tomatoes would have stayed green until the snows came, this container garden experiment would still have been worth it because I had fun just tending to the plants and watching them grow.

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