Sunday, September 20, 2009

The New Look

After I created the Sam Can Shoot blog, and customized it a little bit to suit the wider format of large photos, I decided I wasn't happy with how True to Words looked and wanted to be able to make it wide, too. I couldn't make the old blog look right with the wider margins. What's more, I didn't like how it looked with the colors of my freelance writer website. So I redid them both entirely.

Instead of being varying shades of blue and brown, they are black, grey, and blue. I think they look a lot cleaner. And now the photoblog blends in, too, so if/when I link it from my website it'll all look similar.

Now that summer is winding down and my calendar is less full, I'm hoping to re-energize True to Words in the coming weeks and months. I admit my blog hasn't been the most important thing in my life this summer, but I'm okay with that. Friday Photography and Haiku News have kept me contributing and visitors coming. But now I'd like to rely on them less and start doing more installments of Bad Ad Placement, Language Barrier, The Word, and even some poetry.

So, with a new look and a rededicated spirit, be prepared for some new content in the near future. I'm excited :)

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