Saturday, March 20, 2010

Belated Friday Photography - Dreary Road

I committed a blogger Cardinal sin: I disappeared for a week without explanation. Sometimes it happens and it can't be helped. In this case, I was out of state for a family emergency. But blogs are only so important. Without real life to experience, there wouldn't be much to write about. With that, I present an easy Friday Photography entry a day late to re-start my blogging initiative.

Street Light in the Fog

I took these pictures in the late afternoon to early evening of last Friday. That's also the same day I took the Foggy River pictures, but I took those around 7 o'clock in the morning. Even so, the moods feel really different to me. This picture perfectly describes how my head feels though: There's a light on, but it doesn't quite cut through the fog.

Rainy Gutter

I can see similarities here, too: I feel drained. But the fog and low energy will go away once I finally catch up on sleep. The beautiful weather we've been experiencing has been working wonders on my outlook, too. I am so excited about spring!

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