Monday, March 22, 2010

Haiku News - March 22, 2010

"We know you're here to
arrest us, but we want to
finish our pizza."

Don't let them fool you.
Cheese is popular because
it is darn tasty.

Cheesehead credits the
Packers for saving his life
while he saved lives, too.

One day you could be
jogging along the beach and
be hit by a plane.

She was brave enough
to jump from the frying pan
over the cliffside.

The Midnight Knitter,
under cover of night, knits
tree and post sweaters.

Mad Scientist foods
are inappropriate for
human consumption.

Companies that change
to be more responsible
give me hope more will.

His look stopped traffic.
Perfect, because he wanted
to display his... strength.

The special effects
were too true-to-life at the
Battle of Hogwarts.

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