Monday, March 1, 2010

Haiku News - March 1, 2010

Half of all organ
transplants in the U.S. come
from living donors.

Should he spend money
on dialysis or buy
food for the table?

Detractors complain,
even as they gladly take
credit for it all.

He needed more speed
so he strapped an improvised
rocket to his back.

The home fires still burn
in the ghostly coal-town known
as Centralia.

Aged 93, she
left behind some 2,000
living descendents.

BBC ruins
tradition. But why?

44 states have
pending bills to tell Congress
where they can stick it.

Michelle Bachman is
a she-devil and monster:
Her word choice, not mine.

The Tea Party may
have enough rope with which to
hang itself, ere long.

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