Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haiku News - April 21, 2010

In this busy week,
my darling Haiku News has
been slightly delayed.

He may have never
told a lie, but he earned steep
library late fees.

Not just food for the
soul, dark chocolate has some
medicinal traits.

After the food flew,
it was the lunch ladies who
had the final laugh.

In his old estate,
workers discovered Lennon's
bottle of "Drink Me."

In death, may he help
his charges to know they must
stop chasing their highs.

One would have thought that
Danny Glover would have been
too old for this shit.

They loved for twenty
years, but then their carefully
laid plans were ignored.

An astonishing
world of undiscovered life
exists yet on earth.

Yes, your naughtiest
librarian fantasies
are probably true.

The honesty of
the Good Samaritan could
have labeled him thief.

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