Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Photography - Flowering Bush

There is a bush next to the front door of the town house I live in. I rent, so it is technically not mine, but I have sort-of adopted it because we've lived in the same place for so long. When we first moved in, the bush was pretty sorry. Then two falls ago, the building manager hacked away at it almost down to the ground. I was horrified, thinking they had pruned it too early and too extensively. Once again last year it was sorry. This year it is doing something I've never seen it do before.

Flowering Bush

I didn't know this bush was supposed to flower! Even now, only the bottom branches are flowering, but the bush is thriving. It has filled out considerably, especially compared to how little was left of it at the end of 2008. They are pretty little flowers. Simple little things like blooming shrubs makes me happy.

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