Monday, May 10, 2010

Haiku News - May 10, 2010

Priceless Art Destroyed:
And you thought you were having
a bad day at work.

1 of every 3
pet-owning women think their
dogs listen better...

...Maybe its a sign
their men find them beautiful,
or even deadly.

Put the nail polish
or cell phone down start to
see motorcycles.

Like a typical
man, he could not just stop and
ask for directions.

Don't tell the children:
Wade won a million dollars
just playing a game.

The next time you have
trouble sleeping, remember
it could be much worse.

Bug-eating-bats and
crop pollinating bees are
dying rapidly.

The one hand giveth,
but as always the other
can taketh away.

The crook backed away.
But who would want to mess with
black-beard Johnny Depp?

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